The Other Side Of Midnight

W ell, maybe. I’m referring to the title. After I made yesterday’s picture I got excited and went back out to see what I could see. I saw the picture you are seeing. Unfortunately, I mostly made vertical images. When I finally saw the totality of the photograph I realized a radical crop was inContinue reading “The Other Side Of Midnight”

Traveling Across The River

Yesterday was some day. I almost didn’t get my second jab. My place could have been given to another, but apparently my healthcare system really cares. I was called about a half hour after my appointment was scheduled to make sure that I was still coming. I said yes and I did. Then, I voted.Continue reading “Traveling Across The River”


The deep blue. So. I talked to the fine folks at WordPress. I asked them how I could do some of the simple things that I used to do in the days before blocks. They told me that I couldn’t. I asked them why they keep claiming that blocks are more flexible. They told meContinue reading “Laughing”


So it was. It seems that my attitude has gotten worse towards opening schools too soon just because there’s a dangling carrot. They say follow the money and I did. Don’t fully open the schools and the state loses federal funding. I have a couple of words about it. Two words. I won’t write themContinue reading “Circle”

Deep Blue

This is what I saw. A deep blue sky at just around dusk. I was lucky to make the picture. This is one of those times when a tripod might come in handy. In my own defense, I wasn’t expecting to see such a sight. So, I did what I could. Dan Rather tweets andContinue reading “Deep Blue”

In Another Time

Another time. Another place. Did you ever wonder how you got here? I don’t mean here as in location. I mean the twists and turns that your life took to get you to your place right now. Right this minute. Lately, that’s what I’ve been doing. It started with the koan, “learning.” That is myContinue reading “In Another Time”

Your Light

Deep Blue. When I made the picture I had the title in mind. I forgot what I already knew. Deep Blue is the title of a song by George Harrison. He wrote it upon the death of his mother and while he was trying to keep his father and brothers together. Unless you are likeContinue reading “Your Light”

Such a Night

Moonrise over The Mississippi River. An accidental picture. The “needs gas” light came on about a mile from home. I made a turn to get to a gas station and saw this scene. Sometimes when I work on just “finding stuff,” I use one lens and one camera body. Yep. That’s what I had. TheContinue reading “Such a Night”

Watching The River Flow

I wasn’t sure what to publish next, but there were a couple of comments on Facebook and here that sort of guided my way. My friend Greg Gross, who publishes a great travel blog called, I’m Black and I Travel at made a few comments about the history of Cairo. I had no ideaContinue reading “Watching The River Flow”