Still Out West

Still not feeling well, so it’s back to the files. Even though I’m very happy to be home in the green, luscious Southeast Louisiana, I sometimes miss the desert. There is something clean about it. Pure. The light is powerful. The colors pop. It’s just as hot. But, oh yeah. It’s a dry heat. AsContinue reading “Still Out West”

Out West

I know. I know. I said I was taking a break over the long weekend. Big plans and all that. But, two people around here caught colds. It’s kind of funny. The older I get, the less I like being around crowds. Now, I’ve figured out one of the reasons for this new phobia. TheContinue reading “Out West”

New Mexican Color

I know. I know. I promised you my last New Mexican picture. But, then I found these images. And, one of my blogging colleagues was talking about Georgia O’Keeffe, so I thought why not?  Many people think the desert is bleak and colorless. Sometimes. But, if you take a moment and look for it, thereContinue reading “New Mexican Color”

The Last One

Well. If the truth be told, this image is ALMOST the last picture I made in New Mexico. As I recall, the move to New Orleans began on a Tuesday. By the previous Saturday night, I was feeling a little blue about leaving. Even though I had gotten a little bored living there, the stateContinue reading “The Last One”

In New Mexico

Sometimes when I’m in transit, I start rooting around in files that I rarely see. Scratch that. Files that I forgot existed. This picture is among the last that I made when I lived in New Mexico. The very quick backstory is this. I lived in New Orleans. A big storm called Hurricane Katrina came.Continue reading “In New Mexico”

100 Miles From Somewhere

Many of you already know that I make some pictures by shooting out of the windshield. That’s pretty easy with all these new fangled auto-everything cameras. Just point and shoot. But, sometimes, I hold the camera with my left hand and focus on my left rear view mirror. You never know what might show upContinue reading “100 Miles From Somewhere”

Been So Long

Only in New Mexico. Only in the high desert of Northern New Mexico can you see a wonderful sunset and feel the rain on your shoulders at the same time. It’s wonderful. The rain falls. Hard. But you know that it won’t last long and you can get back to it. Or just get toContinue reading “Been So Long”


It struck me that I hadn’t published some of the last pictures that I made in New Mexico. So, I thought I share a few. They are probably a little cleaner and probably don’t jangle as much as many of my pictures. So. This church. There is a village in Northern New Mexico called Chimayo.Continue reading “Homeward”

The Moon

I normally post once a day. Usually in the morning unless I get very busy or I’m traveling. But. Today is special. So, I’ll post twice. Today is a little sad. But, it’s also a little time for reflection. Where were you in 1969? What were you doing when you heard this?  ““That’s one smallContinue reading “The Moon”