Do Me Favor, Please?

I don’t normally ask for things like this. But, please vote for this picture. Here. I’ve entered it in a fellow blogger’s travel photo contest. The picture? It was made a few years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the opening day of The International Balloon Fiesta. It was mostly a combination of luck and, well,Continue reading “Do Me Favor, Please?”

Summer Flowers

In the southwest flowers are delicate and very fine.  They grow in dry, desert conditions.  If you have a wet summer season you see a lot of small, but brightly colored flowers. Before I write further, I should define wet. Desert wet is nothing like wet anywhere else. The so-called rainy season might only yieldContinue reading “Summer Flowers”


This picture is called High Desert Drifter. Drifting is what I’ve been trying to do since the passing of Debbie. But, my neighbors won’t let me. For instance, I haven’t cooked a meal since Monday. That’s not because I’ve lost the will or am not hungry. It’s because they keep feeding me. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.Continue reading “Drifting”

Tres Piedras

More from my summer roads series. There is one problem with this picture. I’d forgotten that it’s been around a bit. When I Googled Tres Piedras his picture comes up as number one on Google images and number 9 in general Google search results. That’s okay. It’s part of my editing project so those ofContinue reading “Tres Piedras”

New Mexico Light

One of the last images that I made in New Mexico. With the dry air and the very long views, you can see storms without actually being in one and getting wet. Of course, the skies and clouds are among the most amazing that you will ever see — anywhere.

A Little Bit of Spring

An easy picture today. Something to make you smile. The picture? Pretty simple. I just stuck my camera into a bunch of flowers and pushed the button. These days, with articulated LCDs, it is very easy to do. You just sort of have to find the right subject.

Another Road Picture

Well. This road picture is a little different. Usually, I make pictures through the windshield, while I’m driving. Not this time. At least I parked and photographed what I saw in my mirror. I like this frame. It’s about leaving. It’s about winter. It’s about being on the road. The color is nice too. It’sContinue reading “Another Road Picture”

Happy Easter

There doesn’t seem to be much to add to that except to tell you were the picture was made. My favorite street in Albuquerque is Edith Blvd. It starts as a fairly normal urban road as you leave central Albuquerque, but eventually peters out into a two lane country road and finally it turns intoContinue reading “Happy Easter”