Magic The picture is an experiment. The design of the page is an experiment. Maybe all of Storyteller is an experiment. Hard to say. I had a weird thought this morning that was preceded by a dream sometime early in the morning. It ocurred to me that I wasn’t pushing my work far enough orContinue reading

Over And Over

I call this post “Over and Over” because I reworked this image which began life in black and white and turned into color. I did it because, well, let’s just say the revenge factor was part of it. Revenge? Criticize me or my work all you want, but don’t try to embarrass me. There isContinue reading “Over And Over”


I ‘ve read it all, it’s black and whiteThe spectrum made any shade I likeThe crimson rays are ruby brightTechnicolor light, ow (Red!)I want red, there’s no substitute for red(Red!)Paint it red, green ain’t me compared to red You don’t know what it does to meMy crimson sin intensityI’m haunted by the mysteryThe mystery ofContinue reading “Red”

A Crack In Time

T here was a time when I thought that I could actually build something here at WordPress. I asked for help transferring They said they couldn’t do it, at least not the way they did in the past. What they could do, however, sell me another website with included. For thirteen dollars. So,Continue reading “A Crack In Time”


The end of summer. Little details. Seeing. Looking. Feeling. That’s all this picture really is about. I saw the leaf on an outdoor table. I framed it in a way that you could see the leaf and see the table. Then I went to work on it. That’s it. Old business. You’re gonna laugh. RememberContinue reading “Quiet”

Something About Flowers

The rain on Saturday. We mostly stayed inside. We watched Netflix. And, Amazon Prime. Eventually, I got a little bored. So. I started playing around. Tinkering. Experimenting. I may have gone a little too far. There are 29 layers in this picture. It started with a human face. You might see the eyes near theContinue reading “Something About Flowers”

The Prodigal Son

I lasted about ten days. My creative nature took over. Since I really never stop making pictures, they were starting to pile up. A lot. Yes. Many go to my various agencies. These days pictures are like music. Almost worthless. Even with heavy marketing there a very short shelf life. The digerati talk a lotContinue reading “The Prodigal Son”


I was driving  through The Bywater when I saw this house. How could I not see it? It was freshly painted and glowing like a beacon. I think I saw from two blocks away. It drew me like a moth to a flame. These aren’t exactly, New Orleans colors. And, it isn’t exactly painted withContinue reading “Color”