The Edge of Town

U rbex deluxe. I wrote that in the picture’s caption and I liked it so well that I made it the lead line. I’m thinking it could be a good name for a band. Anyway. My past is coming back to haunt me. I used to photograph a lot of urbex, or urban exploration forContinue reading “The Edge of Town”

Desire Neighborhood

Be patient. Take a step back. Look in front. Look toward the sides. Look behind. Watch the light. Get closer, Stand back. All of this stuff goes through my mind when I approach a scene. It’s automatic. I don’t think I know any experienced working photographer who doesn’t think this way, while completely forgetting heContinue reading “Desire Neighborhood”


Streetcar. Not trolley. Not tram. Streetcar. That’s what we call them in New Orleans. As in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Yes. There is a street named Desire. There is a neighborhood named Desire. And, once upon a time there was a street car line that ran through the French Quarter, through the Bywater and towards theContinue reading “Streetcars”