New Orleans – A Few Weeks Later

Like a moth to a flame. I kept going back. At first, every week or so. I had to know what would become of a once vibrant neighborhood of blue-collar people. While it is true that many people lost their lives out here, many more didn’t. It is still sacred ground. It always will be.Continue reading “New Orleans – A Few Weeks Later”

We Tried. I Swear.

We tried. We really did. We even moved Halloween to an earlier day. It didn’t help. We did our little rain dances. Big storm coming.  It was too late. That didn’t help.  Nothing could. Nothing would. We brought out our voodoo practitioners. Bitten. We brought out our social aid clubs. Chewed on. We brought outContinue reading “We Tried. I Swear.”

Nearing The End

By now, it might not be “Der No Mo’.” The last time I photographed this place was around last fall. I’m sure you remember the pictures. Or not. Lots of pictures being posted on the internet every day. Hard to remember one from the other. I returned last Sunday. I found that yellow paper tackedContinue reading “Nearing The End”

Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young was right. Rust never sleeps. You know this place. I’ve shown it to you a few times. Well, not this scene. There are broken bricks and bits of glass in this picture. There used to be a graffiti covered building here; made of concrete, brick and iron. Homeless people took shelter here. Sometimes they livedContinue reading “Rust Never Sleeps”

Mid City Moves

I’ve told you about the developments in Mid City, New Orleans. But, here’s a quick recap. After Hurricane Katrina broke the levees which flooded 80% of the city, plans were drawn up to improve the city. Most of those plans went nowhere. That was due, in part, to a clown the mayor brought in asContinue reading “Mid City Moves”

August 29, 2005

Eight years. Funny how time flies. As you know, I rarely publish pictures or words that aren’t mine. I do that for a number of reasons. Most of them are mostly about artistic integrity. Some are for legal reasons. Others are simply because I don’t see the point in aggregating or curating other’s work. ThereContinue reading “August 29, 2005”

Don’t Ask Me.

Okay. Usually I know something about the pictures that I publish on Storyteller. Not this time. Everything confuses me. I know this house was under some pretty deep water after Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans. This particular area is located on the river side of the Lower Ninth Ward. This side was heavily flooded,Continue reading “Don’t Ask Me.”


These three pictures are the last of my Lower Ninth Ward visit. I have a few more images from that day, but it’s getting to be time to move on. Not to worry. I’ll go back again. And again. And… again. I’m not sure what more I can add to this post. I think, onceContinue reading “Three”

The Wall

This picture may just seem like a bunch of lines and sky. But, it’s far more important than that. For those of you who watched Hurricane Katrina destroy The Lower Ninth Ward as well as about 80% of New Orleans, you know that it was not the hurricane itself that did the job. It wasContinue reading “The Wall”