Sometime Just A Leaf

Something like fall. Or, as we like to say down here, ha, ha, ha. The thermometer says that it’s 94 degrees. The humidity is in the 90% range and some of the leaves are changing colors. It is true that we are getting a cold front later today. The temperature won’t drop much, but theContinue reading “Sometime Just A Leaf”


Another day. Another walk. Truth be told, these pictures are a couple of weeks old. I processed them. I tinkered with them. And, immediately forgot about them. I don’t know why. Sometimes, I get lucky. I make three or four pictures on one walk. I choose the one or two that I liked best atContinue reading “Walking”

What the Dog Saw. Four.

Part four of an occasional series. What the dog saw. We go for walks. She chooses the route. I’m just along for the ride. Er, walk. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes the walk takes 15 minutes. Sometimes we are out for over an hour. It’s her call. The only guidance that I give her isContinue reading “What the Dog Saw. Four.”