Like Being On The Road

Sometimes just leaving Orleans Parish is like going on a road trip, not that I drove very far, maybe 12 miles. But, it’s another world. I had to buy some electronics and a paint bucket. Best Buy is the best place for digital gear. I was grumbling while I drove. I had to buy aContinue reading “Like Being On The Road”

Old Shanghai

More tinkering. I think, for the foreseeable future, this is where I’m headed. I like the notion of bringing more to a photograph than just pushing the button and letting digital processes do all the rest. This feels like my version of photography. Something a little ephemeral. But, at the same time tangible. Something thatContinue reading “Old Shanghai”

Little Bitty Christmas Details

A Christmas rant. Just what you need. Tonight is my favorite night of the season. In New Orleans, we hold an event called Caroling at Jackson Square. We usually go and join in with our fellow New Orleanians to sing Christmas carols. I make pictures. You get to see them and hopefully feel what I feltContinue reading “Little Bitty Christmas Details”

Little Christmas Details

I was telling a friend of mine that sometimes the most story-telling picture is a detail shot. You sorta get to the heart of things by staying away from the overall scene and focusing on a small area. This picture is maybe a little wider than I’d normally shoot for a detail shot, but color,Continue reading “Little Christmas Details”