In The 504

Everyone knows that it’s the high school bands that I like best when they roll during a Mardi Gras parade. The floats are fine. The Rolling Elvi are fun. The motorcycle riders are fun. But, the marching bands. That’s the thing for me. They combine three wonderful elements. Music. Energy, And, color. If there wasContinue reading “In The 504”

A New Orleans Thing

Yes. A New Orleans thing. Where else do you see a musician walking on city streets carrying his instrument? A drum and a cymbal. This is about as New Orleans as it comes. It happens all over the city. This picture could only get better if he was carrying a horn. A trumpet or aContinue reading “A New Orleans Thing”

On Easter Sunday

For Christians today is Easter Sunday. For Jewish people it is the second day of Passover. For those who believe in other ways, they may stop to honor Jesus’ rebirth, but for them it is mostly about spring. More rebirth. I’m spiritual, but not particularly religious. Yes, it’s true. I am a baptized Catholic andContinue reading “On Easter Sunday”

A Little Bling

Second lines and drums. The tuba may start it, but the drums fill it. And, help to set the pace. Speaking of pace, I’m a little late today. I got really jammed up. Between some major dental work, finishing the technical issues of this computer that concluded with a power loss in the city soContinue reading “A Little Bling”

It Begins

On the edges. Y’all know that I like to nibble around the edges of an event. Especially second line parades. I think that’s where some of the best pictures are found. The moments are different. They aren’t necessarily the “decisive moments.” They are just little slices. Of life. For this particular second line — Lady JetsettersContinue reading “It Begins”

French Quarter Second Line

“Dis ain’t dat.” This is not a neighborhood second line. This is a French Quarter second line. The difference? Oh, there’s a lot of differences. If you’ve followed Storyteller for any length of time, you see two differences right off. No matter. Often brass bands are cobbled together from whatever musicians are available. This one is ledContinue reading “French Quarter Second Line”

Street Sounds

A little more from last Sunday’s second lines. A little more music. A little more brass. Toot, toot, toot. Honk, honk, honk. And, some rat-tat-tat on the snare drums. I’d like to tell you that next up will be some more pictures from the parades. But, I’ve got all kinds of pictures to show you.Continue reading “Street Sounds”

Other Ways of Taking a Picture

I hope this works. I hope that you get it. I hope that you can even see it. After all, a drummer photographed behind a screen while he’s hitting the cymbal may not be the most understandable picture in the world. But, just as Storyteller is, it’s an experiment. I like the colors. I likeContinue reading “Other Ways of Taking a Picture”