Tag: Early Spring

  • And, I Knew, I Knew…

    T his is a brand new picture. Yipee. As you know I haven’t been very motivated to make new work. Yesterday I was. Luckily, the light was with me. I took a little walk and did my usual trick. I photographed whatever I saw. I didn’t pre-edit which is always a mistake. Interestingly, while I […]

  • I Will

    Early spring. At least it was for us down here in the swamp. This picture was made in mid-February. Before the storm. Before the war. Before the killing era of the virus. It feels like years ago. Time may have become flexible and meaningless, but that translates into some kind long term distortion. For sure, […]

  • Stripped Away

    Is the pleasure worth all the pain? That’s a line from an old Jimmy Buffett song. After warnings, and a few arrests, people of our fine city still seem to think that gathering is okay. I’m sure their momentary pleasure will cause them a lot of pain later. I’m going to take a break from […]

  • A Huge, Foolish Project

    “In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves.” — Rumi I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot of online pieces about art. Most are about tools, or technique. Many blogs are about some struggle. Stop. Stop trying so hard. Stop making things so difficult. Don’t over think. […]

  • Life

    Subtle. Sublime. Shadows. Sometimes I see. I really see. I saw these shadows on a bit of white washed curb. On another day I might have been in a hurry and walked right by them. Admittedly, there was some pretty strong and low sunlight causing them. But, with me you never know. I’m kind of […]

  • A Little Change

    Missing. Ain’t der no mo’. There used to be houses in that field. Hurricane Katrina took care of that. Here we are. A decade later and the area looks pretty good. But… check out the details. Look at that house in the background, on the left. It still has a blue plastic roof. A Katrina […]