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  • Sunday Best

    Easter Sunday. A big day, today. Normally, Christians of every stripe pack churches on this holiest of days. Not this Sunday. I’d never thought I’d see the time when going to church could get you killed. This is one of those times. Yes. I read history. I know some things about the past. While priests […]

  • On Easter Sunday

    For Christians today is Easter Sunday. For Jewish people it is the second day of Passover. For those who believe in other ways, they may stop to honor Jesus’ rebirth, but for them it is mostly about spring. More rebirth. I’m spiritual, but not particularly religious. Yes, it’s true. I am a baptized Catholic and […]

  • Making Music

    Second line parades. They are a combination of things. Gangs. Social clubs. Kings. Queens. The people who join in. And, the music. For me, especially the music. Always the music. I like big noisy, chaotic brass bands. I think that, brass often makes the song. Sheesh, even in rock n’ roll. Where would The Rolling […]

  • Easter Flower

    Easter. Spring. Newness. Rebirth. What words can I add that matters? Only one thing. Happy Easter.

  • On Easter Sunday

    Yes. It was Easter Sunday. Yes. There were three Easter parades in The French Quarter. I stayed for two of them. But, my real passion is photographing the deeply imbedded cultures of New Orleans. So, I headed over to Oak Street to photograph a second line parade that was led by The Pigeon Town Steppers […]