The Dreamer

D reams came to me last night or early this morning. They were about this place. Sorta. In my dream everything was dusty, sort of a tannish brown. It was hard to breath without a mask. People were getting sick in the dusty atmosphere. It doesn’t a weatherman to know which way this wind blows.Continue reading “The Dreamer”

The Picture

The city that care forgot. That’s us. New Orleans. Even as some areas are gentrified and priced out of the locals ability to buy or rent, others still languish almost 16 years after they were flooded by Hurricane Katrina. It’s likely that many of these neighborhoods were failing long before the storm did its thingContinue reading “The Picture”

Five to One

This little cloud drifted by. It was front lit by the sun. No matter what I did, I couldn’t quite help the image to be what I saw, so I did what you are seeing. I tried a lot of attempts. Nothing looked right. I’ll, show you a couple in a few more lines. Sometimes,Continue reading “Five to One”

Soul For Every Cowboy

I try to write Storyteller sometime the night before they are actually published. As they often do, things got in the way. So, I wrote two posts in one day. That’s hard to do. I barely have enough to say for one post. Now, two? I’ll give it a go. Let’s talk about New Mexico.Continue reading “Soul For Every Cowboy”

Fathers And Sons

We listened to a podcast this morning that stopped me in my tracks. It’s a conversation between Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. I know what some of you are thinking. It’s not about that. Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, this is worth listening to. You’ll learn something about the two men. More importantly, youContinue reading “Fathers And Sons”


Friday follies. That’s what they said years ago during a war that shall not be named. It meant that the generals held press conferences in which they lied to, and gaslight, America. The made statements like, “In order to save the village we had to destroy it.” Does that make any sense at all? MyContinue reading “Ponchartrain”

Darkling Days

A light explosion. That’s how I was seeing things as we drove into the direct sun. This picture may not exactly be physically accurate, but it’s how we felt when sunglasses didn’t help. I have no idea if this picture stays in the final project collection, but for now it’s in. After all, I onlyContinue reading “Darkling Days”

Party At Ground Zero

The scene. Bare trees lined up in an interesting shape with blue sky directly about and storm clods moving into thelocation. You’d think that would be an easy picture to make. You’d be wrong. This picture took an act of God in post production which I’ll get to in the right hand column. I wantContinue reading “Party At Ground Zero”

Testing …

An experiment. A test. A little tinkering. I usually leave this kind of post production for pictures of places or things that are “appropriate” for heavy manipulation. Some people do this all the time. They modify their original picture into something different. There was their intent from the minute they found the subject and pushed theContinue reading “Testing …”