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  • The Great White Way

    I don’t like your fashion business, misterAnd I don’t like these drugs that keep you thinI don’t like what happened to my sisterFirst we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin Those are Leonard Cohen’s lyrics. I suppose you can think of New York in those terms. I don’t. I usually like it there. I like […]

  • Run, Run,Run

    H oly Moly. I started looking in some archives that are deeper than the rest. Boy, did I find surprising pictures. Pictures that I not only forgot about, but were core parts of some interesting projects. This is one of them. This is a bull. Slow your roll.. She — the women — is a […]

  • Bring The Donut Army

    B efore I tell you about New York City and these pictures let me tell you about the headline. I was listening to a podcast. One of the presenters told a bad joke. It was along the lines of what do donuts say to people who are eating them? There are dozens of us. This […]

  • And, so…

    O kay, okay. I got a little crazy. What do you expect from a guy who loves photographing Mardi Gras but can’t? So, I thought that I would show you a little bit of what I saw over the past few years. I’ll continue doing it for the next two weeks, but I won’t post […]

  • Down in New Orleans

    A ll color, all energy, all motion. That’s Mardi Gras to me. I see it in swirls of color. Of people asking for beads. Of joy. As I was looking through my archives I was feeling nostalgic. I realized that was another thing I enjoyed photographing that will live in the past. Whether it’s my […]

  • The More Things Change

    You are thinking that I’m stressed over this election. Hang in there you say. I’m not hanging anywhere. I’m taking action. I’m getting set to change what I can. I’m getting ready to build for the future. I’m not going to limit myself to “I’ll do what I can.” I’m going to do the things […]

  • Wild Tales

    Exploded. The light exploded. The developed and processed image actually caught me by surprise. It did everything I didn’t think that it would. Which brings me to this. “Everything that I didn’t think it would.” Sounds just about life. I got caught out this morning. I was listening to a song from home, when it […]

  • Running Water

    Water in motion. Clean. Pure. Healthy. And, wet.  Very wet. Cooling wet. Every now and then, I get away just a little. I find places like this one, which fit nicely into my never ending water project. This particular picture seems to speak to purity. That’s probably why I like it. I realized yesterday that […]

  • Motion in New Orleans

    All motion. For years I made a career out of pictures like this one. Motion. Movement. Energy. It wasn’t hard to do. About 1/4 second at f/5.6 and I’d make a picture likes this one. But, that was the film days. When digital photography came into being sharpness was everything. That’s why mega pixels became […]