Seasons. And, changes. For those of us who live in Southeast Louisiana, it seems like spring is almost over. A lot of our early blooms are passed and gone. Our average high temperature this week has been in the mid 80s. I was lucky to make these pictures since so many flowers are withering away.Continue reading “Magenta”

Empty Spaces

I read something about music that is attributed to Miles Davis. “What you don’t play is at least, if not more important, than what you do play. Don’t answer yourself. Leave that space for the music to live. To breathe. Within that space lies the realm of infinite possibility and therein lies the magic weContinue reading “Empty Spaces”

Quirky Western Pictures

When I take road trips, I sort of shape shift as I work. Sometimes I try to make pictures that are a little iconic. Sometimes I try to channel my best Ernst Haas. Sometimes I look for quirky subjects. These images are quirky. There is a little twist to them. Maybe there is a littleContinue reading “Quirky Western Pictures”


A year or so ago I published a little Blurb book called “Red. Red. Red.” I used it mostly as a marketing piece. But, it is still listed in the Blurb library. If I were asked what my favorite color is, my reply would be color. I like color. I like powerful, strong, bright, energeticContinue reading “Red”

New Orleans Spring

After what seemed like months of photographing all things Mardi Gras, I realized that I was a little burnt out especially after the last few weeks. So, I’ve mostly been spending my time editing, or curating as it is called theses days. For post production, I’ve mostly been cherry picking for this blog and otherContinue reading “New Orleans Spring”