Just Another Sunday

T his picture was made during one of the last times that I actually travelled around New Orleans. I went to the hospital to get my second vaccination against CoVid. Little did I know the trip and the injection was meaningless because of my “other” illness. At least one good thing came out of this.Continue reading “Just Another Sunday”

If I Die

A ll Monday. I sort of felt this way. Not exactly blue, but out of sorts. I still don’t know why. Perhaps there is just too much going in the world, in New Orleans, in my life. I’m not the only one who feels like this. Even on nice days things turn weird. I don’tContinue reading “If I Die”

It Ain’t Over Yet………………………………… 2

T here’s lot going on in the world today. Most of it isn’t good. But, things can turn on a dime. I had to laugh when Lindsay Graham went on a whining rant and walked out of the supreme court justice confirmation hearings. I also had to smile after reading the the Ukrainians had heldContinue reading “It Ain’t Over Yet………………………………… 2”

Little Tiny Changes

A photographer friend of mine suggested that I talk to a new stock — not stock — agency. I’ve been far away from that for years. There are too many photographs, too many photographers and not enough return on investment. This agency claims to be different. And their licensing prices are very high. More moneyContinue reading “Little Tiny Changes”

Gates of Eden

Y ‘all really like yesterday’s post. Strong black and white images can really draw your attention in a place where almost everything is some sort of color. So. As usual, I turned left while I had you looking right. This picture is really accidental. I was trying some layering. I used one setting and theContinue reading “Gates of Eden”

It’s Gonna Be

L ike the caption says. Green. Another late night experiment courtesy of sleeping at the wrong time. I think that this is gonna be an ongoing theme. Sleep for art. You seen one of these pictures somewhere down the line. The tree and the buildings. You haven’t seem it with leaves in layers. Nor, haveContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be”


M any years ago, I used to publish an experimental picture every Sunday. I haven’t done it for a long while. I’d like to say that I’m going to resume, but I’ll probably forget. Throughout the news sites that I read there have been discussions about CoVid-19 (Over 106,000 daily new infections.), The Olympics, nationalContinue reading “Throughout”

Rain King

N o patience. That describes my attitude these days. I have almost no tolerance for technical issues and yet I know better. I understand that everything made by man eventually breaks. That’s why there are so many service people. Mechanics, technicians, plumbers, the Maytag repairman, even doctors are working because stuff breaks. Thinking about leavingContinue reading “Rain King”

Upside Down

A friend of mine said that she changed a lot of guitar chords to ones that she created because she got bored playing the normal progression. I tried to tell her that if she played every possible progression she wouldn’t get bored. She told me to shut up and stick to doing what I do.Continue reading “Upside Down”