About Food Let’s talk about food. With inflation we, in The United States, are either paying much more than we have in the past or we aren’t buying as much. That works a little bit, but how do you tell a child that their favorite cereal is too expensive? The war in Ukraine is causingContinue reading

Garden Party

A Sunday photograph. Something bright and colorful for those of you who are still digging out of the wintery white stuff, which is a large part of the country. It’s already been some winter. And, there is a polar vortex coming. It’ll probably start raining fish like it did in Texas a week or twoContinue reading “Garden Party”

Something for Sunday

Light, color and magic. I made this picture a few days ago. I posted it on Instagram. That meant it popped up on Facebook and Twitter. But, you didn’t see it. It’s a picture that surprised me when I assembled and layered it. So, you get to see it. My apologies to those of youContinue reading “Something for Sunday”

Industrial Boom

This idea came to me in a dream. I’m not sure what it means. The dream, or the work. Rather than just stuff it all back inside me head I thought it would be a good idea to explore it. I made layers. You’ve seen both pictures in the past. Bright yellow flower and redContinue reading “Industrial Boom”

Then the Sky Went Crazy

It looks serious. It’s not. It’s what happens when you mix jazz with photo editing. Things go a little crazy. I made this picture in Albuquerque. New Mexico. It was one of the first serious pictures that I took with my iPhone. It was an early model. And, it was the back up to theContinue reading “Then the Sky Went Crazy”

Shelter Me

Nature. And, me. I awoke to about a billion messages. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But, all social media seemed to be blazing with screechy posts about hurricanes, earthquakes and firestorms. Sheesh. Maybe everybody is right. Nature is in full rebellion. Or, the end times are upon us. Who knows? All I know is that natureContinue reading “Shelter Me”

Flower Face

And, one more. This will be about it, for making experimental portraits. For now. I’m not giving up. Nor, am I abandoning the project. But, this work is fairly time-consuming. Stuff is piling up. Other kinds of pictures. Other kinds of projects. My half built new website. My never-ending archiving project. Other projects that areContinue reading “Flower Face”

Desert Scene

Way out there. Somewhere. I don’t even remember exactly where this place is located. It’s in the desert. In Arizona. I’m betting it is somewhere near I-40. The original picture was made a long time ago. On black and white film. Apparently, I didn’t think much of it because the scan needed a lot ofContinue reading “Desert Scene”

Round Things

A very interesting thing happens when I complain loudly on Storyteller. WordPress changes their ways. A few of you tried to help out. I really appreciate that. Way more than you know. The solutions that you offered didn’t work out because under the basic formatting, Laskowitzpictures.org looks a little different from your formatting. Mine costsContinue reading “Round Things”