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  • In The Coming Year

    This is the second of two interesting pictures that I made a couple of days. This picture came to me while I was sitting on the floor and looking at one of our bookshelves. Obviously, it’s all in the art of seeing. The subject is really just three small statues compressed by the magic of […]

  • Two Years Ago

    This mask was scary before I worked on it in post production. It got scarier after I was done. To me, this looks like some underground subway creature who lives in the lost subway tunnels and tracks of New York City. I have a big imagination. Imagination will get you places, either to the top […]

  • A Change of Tune

    Reflection in the glass. A moody image. Lost in the mists of The French Quarter. One early morning. I saw the mannequin. Eyes peering out at me. If I didn’t know where I was. On Royal Street. I might have thought the face was real. I stepped back. Wanting to add a little mystery to […]

  • Mother Nature

    Keep your eyes open. That’s what I always say. I do. If I didn’t, I would have missed the wood nymph hiding in the tree trunk. Do you see her? Do you see her eyes? Her nose? Her lips? Or, is that a very young Mother Nature? She could be, since we’ve never seen Ma […]

  • The Face

      Eyes. They say that eyes are the window the soul. I believe that to be true. I think most portraits should be simple. See into the person. See what they are about. See who they are. I’ve been using this little girl’s eyes as a design element. After discussing the eyes with a number […]

  • Not Exactly

    I forgot what I was doing. With all the sadness during the early part of the week I just lost my head. Well, you know… I started working on a photograph that I made of Wildman John at Super Sunday in Central City. Somewhere in the middle of that I realized I wasn’t working on […]

  • Just Because

    This is a test. In many ways. Of course, there are my continued experiments in new ways of making the image true to my vision. Even though in the music world, the vinyl craze has started to peak and CDs are slowly being phased out in favor of streaming, I wanted to test something because […]

  • Choices, Choices, Choices

    Choices. I’m going to leave it to you. Please tell me what you think. And, hopefully, why. I’m just going to tell you about the picture. The base picture — the portrait — is black and white, converted from a digital color image. An older personal experiment.  The layered images are the usual kinds of […]

  • Halloween. Day Six.

    That’s right. Clown or witch. It’s all the same to me. But. I’d rather it be a witch. I’m one of those people who thinks clowns are scary. I don’t know why. Maybe I had a bad clown experience. At a circus. Maybe, it’s when I watch our political leaders discuss just about anything in […]