Swamp Floor

Southeastern Louisiana is an outdoor hothouse. Heat, humidity and rainfall make it so.  We have weird growth. Until I moved here I never saw a red mushroom. I see them towards the end of summer. There are also white ones. Brown ones. Huge misshapen ones. I’ve lived in a lot of places. Louisiana is theContinue reading “Swamp Floor”

Shelter Me

Nature. And, me. I awoke to about a billion messages. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But, all social media seemed to be blazing with screechy posts about hurricanes, earthquakes and firestorms. Sheesh. Maybe everybody is right. Nature is in full rebellion. Or, the end times are upon us. Who knows? All I know is that natureContinue reading “Shelter Me”

Along the Way

Another in a long line of experiments. I took a bright and glowing image back few steps and made it almost monochromatic. This is the first time that I’m sure of the changes. I’ve lived with the bright version for a long time. That’s what’s in my head. No matter. I’m just sort of playing.Continue reading “Along the Way”


Yes. Faded. Mardi Gras Beads. Rusted. Fleur de Lis. These are great symbols. Icons. Of a city who calls itself, “The city that care forgot.” Well. Maybe once. New Orleans is in the middle of some pretty intense gentrification. A building boom. Never ending road construction. Since FEMA agreed that the state of our streetsContinue reading “Faded”

A Sunday Test

Because I’m lazy, I’m trying something out that could be important in the future. I took the picture normally, imported it into my phone, did the post on the phone and posted it to Storyteller without ever leaving the comfort of my phone.  After working through the process, I’ve found that it’s simple and fairlyContinue reading “A Sunday Test”

Here we are in the Years

Let’s just see if those “Rustie” folks find this on one Twitter. Just an inside joke. Nothing to worry about. Back to the normal content. Pictures. Yes. I remember. Nature. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing. But, but, but… these pictures were right in front of me. They were staring at me. They wereContinue reading “Here we are in the Years”

Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts

Changes. I thought that I’d take you on a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. At least, I’ll show you a few details as I saw them. If things look a little bit worn, keep in mind that this place has been under water. A couple of times. Keep in mind that it’s old.Continue reading “Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts”

Faded Door, A Door Knob and Screws

Details. Sometimes that’s where the most telling picture lies. Seeing them has become sort of an art to me. Instead of hand-eye coordination, it’s more like eye-brain coordination. You can walk right by them and they don’t register. And, I wasn’t trying to catch a decisive moment. What is decisive in this picture? Not much.Continue reading “Faded Door, A Door Knob and Screws”

A Further Look

Apparently, a lot of readers like the idea of my long form story about New Orleans’ Central City. So, for the next week I’ll post a fewer pictures that reflect my work there. It will help me organize my work and my thinking. Organizing my work is not so hard to do. But, my thinking?Continue reading “A Further Look”