One day I was walking through The Bywater, which is really a neighborhood in the 9th Ward, when I ran headlong into fall. Quickly, I pressed the button and bam, bam, bam, I made a picture. I turned around and went to The Bank of Soul, an art gallery owned by an old friend ofContinue reading “Walking”

Autumn Life

Another Virginia picture. How could I not make it? Oh yeah, I made it. Really made it. I made three different pictures and layered them. So, this isn’t really a photograph. It’s something else. Maybe it’s my art. I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure what art is in today’s world. I believe all artContinue reading “Autumn Life”

Words, Words, Words… Matter

This discussion is not going away anytime soon. So, I might as well talk about words. Storyteller has grown over the years. I have over 10,000 email followers as well as many direct followers. Many of them are ghosts but WordPress doesn’t care, but I do. Storyteller didn’t grow because I’m a wonderful photographer. Sheesh.Continue reading “Words, Words, Words… Matter”

All You Need To Know

A friend of mine used to travel from Michigan to Vermont to photograph fall colors. Now he travels from Florida where he retired. That seems like an awfully long way to chase color. Me? I’m lazy. I walk out of my door and take pictures of fall color. Or, I could. We lost a lotContinue reading “All You Need To Know”


Well, finally. Must I write more about “finally?” They (the legendary and mythical they) say that if you have snow or rain followed by a cold snap you’ll likely see bright fall colors. That’s what happened. Apparently, they are right because I don’t recall ever seeing bright colors like these in Louisiana. Maybe I justContinue reading “Finally”

Down the Drain

I’m not kidding. If you don’t keep the drains cleaned near your house, your street will flood. If your street floods, your house will flood. And, so will your car. You won’t be happy. Neither will your insurance agent. And, your insurance company will probably drop you for making a claim, leaving you to askContinue reading “Down the Drain”

I Finally Found One

I finally found one. An Autumn leaf. Well, sorta. It mostly looks dead. I found it in the rail yard where I made the streamliner picture. It must have traveled a far piece since there isn’t a tree in sight anywhere near the location. There have been some windy days, so I guess that’s what blewContinue reading “I Finally Found One”

Everything. Or not.

Yes. New Orleans fall colors. Look at that rust. Look at all that green growth. Obviously, the colors are changing. I write this very tongue in cheek. This is another of the pictures I saw on the way to the second line that I didn’t photograph. It has everything. Rust. Trees. Ivy. Green Colors. Chicken Wire. Diamonds.Continue reading “Everything. Or not.”

January Two

Yes. I do like the sub-tropics. I have friends who live in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California. When I check them on various social media, they are posting snow pictures. Better them than me. The first snowfall is always pretty. Quiet. Pristine. A different kind of beauty. A little exciting. I know better. After a whileContinue reading “January Two”