Everything is Broken

A few of my friends have asked why we are heading to Virginia and farm life. These pictures might speak to that. But, they are a little romantic, a little nostalgic. New Orleans is truly the city that care forgot. The truth is that we’ve gotten as violent as I’ve ever known New Orleans toContinue reading “Everything is Broken”

All Fall Down

A little photo essay. I found this house in Central City. Most of the houses that look like this one are usually on the downriver side of the neighborhood. In what was once an upscale neighborhood. This one is located in an odd place. I should clarify. Found is such a funny word. The houseContinue reading “All Fall Down”


I think I’m getting ready to take on a little project. Here’s what happened. A little traveling is in the future — like tomorrow — so I decided to take part of the day off and just explore. Just when I think that I’ve just about seen everything that New Orleans has to offer, theContinue reading “Storytelling…”

Some of The Broken Stuff

This is New Orleans… but, first my illness. I think my body finally won its battle with the flu. Last night was truly hellish. By about 8 pm I was shaking, I was fever-wracked and my head was pounding. I wrote yesterday’s post as quickly as possible  and went to bed. Normally, I would justContinue reading “Some of The Broken Stuff”

Something French

I’ve been photographing this building for years. In all sorts of light. In all kinds of weather conditions. And, I’ve made some okay pictures. Yes. Just okay. That may be the reason I keep returning to the scene… of the crime. I hadn’t made “the” picture. The picture that really works. The one that showsContinue reading “Something French”

A Different Place

So. I met this guy a few weeks ago when I was poking around what is now called “The New Bywater.” New Bywater, indeed. It’s a an area of the Upper Ninth Ward. At one time it was downriver from a neighborhood called St. Roch. Well. It still is. The neighborhood didn’t move. It wasContinue reading “A Different Place”