Tag: Fantasy

  • Fever Dreams

    F antasy. Yes and no. New Orleans does occasionally get a little snow about once a decade whether it needs it or not. But, I made this snow. I pretty much made the entire picture which started out as blue. You know me. I like to fool around, tinker and play. I did all of […]

  • The Edge

    T he edge of town. No darkness here. Just raw, bright New Mexican light. This is where Route 66 sort of comes to an end. It’s about as far west in Albuquerque as you can go, without leaving the city line. I think that these ruins, probably once a gas station and cafe, were caused […]

  • Hey Tomorrow

    Sometimes pictures aren’t really about things so much as they are about what they make the viewer feel. I was playing around with layering when suddenly I smiled. This picture was on my monitor. It helped me feel lighter. I was talking with a friend of mine about what art in general did for the […]

  • In a Fantasy

    Flower Fantasy. I have to look in the shady parts of the dogs’ walks. That’s where I find this stuff. That’s also where I decide that I can’t make a more “normal” picture. That I have to make some a little different so that I can eventually play with it in post production. In this […]

  • True Places Never Are

    Another day. Another experiment. It’s another kind of portrait. Something not quite so bright. It drifts a little. It feels like it’s wrapped in cotton. It’s kind of peaceful. So. The backstory. The base picture, the portrait was made on black and white film about forty years ago. The subject is a college friend. We […]

  • Halloween Week

    Only a couple of more days now. I made this portrait as The Krewe of Boo was getting ready to roll. I like working the very beginning of parades because there is more time to talk to the folks who are going to actually walk in the parade. ┬áThere is more time to make pictures […]

  • Weird Scenes

    Photographing Mardi Gras parades are usually a study in marathon running. Or something like that. It’s gruelling. It’s a lot of walking. It’s physical. It’s also pretty repetitive from year to year. So, this year I had to make two things happen. Since I’m in the middle of another very busy year, I had to […]