It Ain’t Over

Pictures. You know that I’ve been working in my archives looking for pictures for a project. I’ve found some, but not all. I did find this picture. A photograph. It is so appropriate because. I have been thinking lately about my past. You know, getting deep inside. I won’t write much about the picture onContinue reading “It Ain’t Over”

Where’s That Confounded Bridge?

  Such a weird little picture. It looks fairly normal. Just wait until I tell you about it. You’ll understand. I was walking by a fence. There was a hole in it. I looked through it. And, what did I see? The very scene before you. I thought it would make a cool picture. WhatContinue reading “Where’s That Confounded Bridge?”

I Find Things

Looking around. Looking for subjects for my various projects — abandoned railroads, abandoned furniture, and unique examples of water — leads me to other places and things. Like this one. This is a gated fence, probably for road workers, that has been broken wide open. By itself, it’s meaningless. In the context of what youContinue reading “I Find Things”

New Orleans

Time for a change. I reckon that yesterday’s post about spring was a fairly good one. That’s a good way to go out. No. I’m not leaving. I’m just a little tired of photographing nature when I’m not even a nature photographer. I suppose it shows. Real nature photographers go places. Even if they stayedContinue reading “New Orleans”

New Orleans Series: Beads

A new series. About New Orleans. If you recall, I discovered a lot of “missing” photo files. Some were hidden under terrible collection names like “New Orleans General.” That’s no help. In my own defense, some of those collections were made 15 years ago. Along with most photographers, I hadn’t yet realized the importance ofContinue reading “New Orleans Series: Beads”

Beads ‘n Stuff

The rain, the beads and other stuff. There has been a fair amount of rain. Not quite the deluge that the weather folks have been hollering about, but enough to cause parades to be rescheduled — forward, not back — and for one to be moved from Saturday to today. That’s all fine.  It gaveContinue reading “Beads ‘n Stuff”

My View of the Battlefield

The Battle of New Orleans. January 8, 1815. The last battle of the War of 1812. This is where it happened. The big battle. I showed you one picture yesterday. Somewhere along the line, my touring buddy posted a few pictures of the battlefield on his blog. He wrote something like he’s interested in how IContinue reading “My View of the Battlefield”


Iberville Housing Projects. They were built in 1940 as part of the Wagner Act,  a Federal plan to subsidize housing for  low-income families. They were low-rise, built of brick in the super block configurations that were considered attractive and modern in their time. By the 1970s most of them had deteriorated to the point where theyContinue reading “Iberville”

In The French Quarter

I took a stroll in the French Quarter. I just photographed what I saw. This old wrought iron fence is one of the things that I stumbled upon. Fleur de lis as symbols are everywhere in this city. Some guy even stenciled them in gold on all the city trash cans. At least the ones in the Quarter.Continue reading “In The French Quarter”