Watching The River Flow

No experiments today. No messing around. No disco. No party. Just a pure photograph. A new photograph that I made by accident. That happens sometimes. I was walking to one place when my phone rang and a voice came through the line that said, “Take a picture, you fool.” Not really, but I stopped walkingContinue reading “Watching The River Flow”

Out Of The Woods

Seems a bit like summer. At least in this picture. Of course, it’s spring. Sometimes one fills in for the other. Often in picture making or film making one thing approximates another. There are filters that the movie business uses called “Day for Night.” I’ve used it on some photographs. It may work when theContinue reading “Out Of The Woods”

A Long Strange Trip

Man oh man, Forty years already. Where did the time go? Better yet, why did my time go? Today is December 8. A horrible anniversary. I didn’t know until the next day so for me December 9 is just as bad. I hope by now you know what I’m talking about. If not, this isContinue reading “A Long Strange Trip”

Where Time Stands Still

Another trip into the green. This time it’s ferns. The really deep green feathery kind. The ones that if you didn’t know better you’d jump into because they look so soft. They aren’t. Don’t do it. This is going to be a little short because Queen Kim’s second line jazz funeral is being held today.Continue reading “Where Time Stands Still”


Changes. Many changes. I really messed up some folks today. Here’s what happened. I decided to make some major changes to Storyteller. You can’t see them. The changes are made in the architecture of the site. The WordPress technician and I worked very well together. We knew that he had to fix a bug andContinue reading “Borderline”

Nature Begins

It’s nature’s way. One of you commented something along the lines of nature has a way of overcoming whatever humans do. Nature seeks stasis. Nature is patient. Nature always wins in the end. Nature doesn’t care. I wasn’t sure where  I was going with this, then it came to me. Human beings are a speckContinue reading “Nature Begins”

I Found It

A tiny little thing. It was hidden in plain sight. So small that I had to look twice and break my cardinal rule of photography. I had to move some of the greenery around to photograph the flower. I try never to move or change anything when I make these kinds of semi-nature pictures. IContinue reading “I Found It”

Healing Game (Spring)

Chasing Light. That’s what I do. Except when it comes to me.  Yesterday evening, it came to me.  It was so strong and calling to me so loudly that I could not help myself. I had to make the picture. It was almost too strong. I had to work in post production to tune downContinue reading “Healing Game (Spring)”

Oh So Green

Green. Very green. A color of calmness. Of restfulness. Of renewal and luck. Of rebirth and healing. And, I found it. Super green. Moss. Ferns. And, the host tree. We could probably all use this picture after the week that was. I’ll leave this Sunday post with that. If you want to make a pictureContinue reading “Oh So Green”