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  • Do That and You’ll Lose It

    A side from Spotify buying AEG which owns Jazzfest, other strange things happened. First, neither of my musicians won Grammys. When I realized Musical Miss was competing against Lady Gaga with 95 year old and end stage demented singer Tony Bennett I knew she had no chance. Just as well. Spotify buying Jazzfest means no […]

  • Winter in Green

    You say toemato. I say tahmato. You say winter, I just smile. I made this picture yesterday when the temperature was around 60 degrees. The wind was blowing and well be back down in our so-called deep freeze later today. So-called because even though it’s been cold for us, you are probably thinking is he […]

  • For Your Day

    This is for you. Sunflowers. Bright, yellow and happy. I made this picture some years back when I lived in The Land of Enchantment, or New Mexico as some people call that fine state. I went there after Hurricane Katrina flooded my city. Well, only 80% of it. Did you ever have that feeling of […]

  • Into the Lower 9th Ward

    I’m sort of running out of pictures. That’s mostly because I’m living my other life for the next week or so. No worries. I have plenty of pictures stashed away that you haven’t seen. For that matter, they are pictures that I’ve sort of forgotten about. Pictures like this one, a nice bucolic meadow picture. […]

  • Turn the World Around

    This place. One time. This isn’t just any field. Any forest. This is someone’s front lawn. There was a house here. Once. This is the Lower 9th Ward. Yeah, yeah. Sure. Some of it has been restored. Generally the middle part where Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Homes have been built. Those were built fairly […]

  • 9th Ward Sunday

    There are days like this one. A quiet day. After a long trip. I don’t know if it’s so much that I want to be quiet, or I feel like I have no idea where I am. Or, what time it is. You’ve probably had days like that. After a certain amount of decompression — […]

  • Southern Sky

    Spring. When the weather changes. When the wind starts to change direction. When the storms blow in from a different direction. When even peaceful skies turn dramatic. Some people go north to chase this kind of light. Me? I just wait for it. It’ll come. If it doesn’t come today. It’ll come tomorrow.

  • Flowers Everywhere

    You guys like flowers. I do too. So, here’s one more picture. I promise I’ll get back to some of my usual work… soon. This field of flowers means something to me and probably the people who live near them. I photographed them in the heart of the destroyed Lower 9th Ward. Even though most […]

  • Apparently…

    … I lied. Not a big lie. Not a whopper. A little one. I wrote that Spring was over in New Orleans. I ought to get out more. Before I blew that pop stand, I did my semi-monthly swing through the Lower Ninth Ward. I’m determined to follow its progress photographically as it tries to come back […]