What Remains Home again. This picture is not of home. This was made in New Mexico while a brush fire was burning in the distance. Pretty soon it wasn’t in the distance. It was staring at us. So, we beat feet. I had to know what happened so I returned to the scene. This pictureContinue reading

The Middle Ages

M y thoughts brought me to a couple of places. As events start to close down I’ve been thinking about anniversaries. This picture of a flambeaux during Mardi Gras is a great example of that. It’s just a picture, right? Maybe. To me it means a lot. I was suffering during Mardi Gras 2020. IContinue reading “The Middle Ages”

Hot, Like Fire

Flambeaux. New Orleans is steeped in traditions. I could go on forever, but let’s limit it to the subject at hand. Once up on a time in the last century twice removed, many streets were not lighted. Black men lit the streets with flaming torches. They worked for tips. They made enough money that thereContinue reading “Hot, Like Fire”

Here’s Yer Winter

Winter. Not winter. No. I’m not gloating. I just feel lucky. After being in the cold north for a bit and coming back to NOLA, I realized just how good we have it. In late fall, winter and spring. The rest of the year is hot, humid, sticky and generally miserable. We all try toContinue reading “Here’s Yer Winter”

Fire on the Mountain

Another night. Another amazing sky. I’m lucky to see them. That’s what you get when the dogs demand their last long walk of the day at around that time. You get to see some cool stuff. Which reminds me. I have friends, and colleagues, who think the only time you can take a picture isContinue reading “Fire on the Mountain”


California. I make a big deal of being born in Brooklyn. I make a bigger deal about living in New Orleans. But, I spent most of my time in between living in California. I grew up there. I went to high school there. I went to college there. The earliest days of my career startedContinue reading “California”


Yes. Alligators. I’m up to my butt in them. I made a lot of pictures yesterday. Maybe too many. That’s to be expected when you work about eight hours photographing Lundi Gras. I’ll share them with you over the course of this week. For now, it’s all I can do to download them from my cardsContinue reading “Alligators”

Morning Fire

This getting up early in the morning thing does have its benefits. This is one them. Golden light so powerful that it illuminates one side of a tree that would normally be silhouetted in a composition like this one. I’m not even sure what more to write. This is something you just enjoy. I couldContinue reading “Morning Fire”


Flambeaux. In the old days, these guys lighted the way. Imagine a Mardi Gras parade with little no street lights. Today, they are a big part of the parades, but they are ceremonial and dance to earn tips and a small salary. They are among the hardest workers during Carnival. Imagine this. Carry a natural gasContinue reading “Flambeaux”