I Said What I Said

I started out trying to post an entirely different picture. WordPress had other ideas. I pressed the upload button and the little wheel started turning and turning… until the computer could do no more and crashed. Twice. I rebooted twice. I gave up. I rebooted again. When this happens it usually means WordPress is doingContinue reading “I Said What I Said”

Where The Beauty Is

This is another event that the pandemic killed for this year. The Albuquerque Balloon Festa was supposed to fly for its 49th year. You might think that being out on a cold and windy balloon field would be safe enough, but people come from all over the world. They need places to stay, places toContinue reading “Where The Beauty Is”

Over and Over

I’m taking a step forward. Or, back. It all depends on how you look at it. I haven’t been playing enough. I haven’t been experimenting enough. I haven’t been having enough fun. Like many people, in this age of nastiness, meanness and cruelty. I’ve been taking things far too seriously. So. While the dogarito wasContinue reading “Over and Over”