Everywhere and Nowhere

I worked as close as I could. I cropped as much as I could. I softened it as much as I could because sharp was too sharp and this image finally revealed itself. Bright and bold, yellow and starting to get old. See what I did there? No. I can’t write poetry or lyrics. But,Continue reading “Everywhere and Nowhere”

All Around The World

Isn’t this something? A bright yellow Hibiscus that I found walking to another place. I saw this bright yellow blob in the distance and headed right to it. I made a lot of pictures. How could I not? How could anyone not? I’d love to tell you where I made this picture, but I can’tContinue reading “All Around The World”

A Blue Thing

Testing, 1, 2, 3… A study in light, color, and form. Created in studio with a three different images everything about this picture is experimental. The layering of three pictures, the color and even the crop. Especially, the crop because the image was originally horizontal. It seems, for now, I’m going to continue to experimentContinue reading “A Blue Thing”

All About

S ometimes I turn weird. I know what you are thinking. Whaddya mean sometimes? No, no, no. This picture is an example of turning weird. The image started out as pretty little flower picture then I got ahold of it. It turned into something out of one of my fever dreams. You may be askingContinue reading “All About”


We listen to podcasts. Kyria Swisher’s “Sway” is one of the best. She talked with Larry Ellison yesterday. He made the new “Top Gun” movie with Tom Cruise. Everything is done in camera. Tom Cruise put together a “learn to fly” program so that everybody who was supposed to fly could fly. He, like LarryContinue reading “Circles”

Every Kind of Game

I received an email from Uphold today. The company wanted to complete my information or they were going to remove me from their data base. What the hell is Uphold? So, I Googled it. Pro Tip # 1. Never use an email address to check something that you don’t recognize. Google it. Find it onContinue reading “Every Kind of Game”

Rust Never Sleeps

R ust never sleeps. Nature always seeks stasis. That may be the one thing you need to know. Oh sure, there’s the stuff we learn in school and in the world. But, knowing nature always seeks stasis might help us to understand climate change better than we do. Some of the things that I’ve readContinue reading “Rust Never Sleeps”

And, I Knew, I Knew…

T his is a brand new picture. Yipee. As you know I haven’t been very motivated to make new work. Yesterday I was. Luckily, the light was with me. I took a little walk and did my usual trick. I photographed whatever I saw. I didn’t pre-edit which is always a mistake. Interestingly, while IContinue reading “And, I Knew, I Knew…”

Mellow Yellow

T here is a period in my life when I liked to make very closely focused pictures that are akin to macro photography. That period started about twenty years ago and continues to this day. Some period, eh? For me, this work is something like a palette cleanser between other, more gritty subjects. Of course,Continue reading “Mellow Yellow”