Tag: Foggy

  • Nothing Normal

    R arely do I ever see fog in The French Quarter. One time during the Christmas season I did. I was shocked. I almost dropped my cameras. I almost fell in the river. The muddy Mississippi River. The river that is polluted from all the oil and other stuff dropped from the big ocean going […]

  • It’s Gonna Be

    L ike the caption says. Green. Another late night experiment courtesy of sleeping at the wrong time. I think that this is gonna be an ongoing theme. Sleep for art. You seen one of these pictures somewhere down the line. The tree and the buildings. You haven’t seem it with leaves in layers. Nor, have […]

  • And, the Band Played on and on and on…

    As you know, I like working from the inside of second line parades.  In effect, I become a parade member. That means I am usually walking backwards in order to make these kinds of pictures. In many ways, it’s like being in the middle of a sporting activity.  Your timing has to be good. Your […]

  • Brass.

    Another Sunday. Another second line parade. I wasn’t going to go. I thought I was needed at home. I thought it was too cold. And, too foggy. But, I was nagged into it. How was I nagged into it? I was asked. That’s a riff on a line from the old M.A.S.H. television show. Henry […]

  • In The Forrest

    So. We are still sick and getting sicker. But, that’s okay. It feels like your classic summer cold. I may have peaked and I think I might start getting better tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. When my head is clear and I’m not coughing, I’ve been looking at older work. I’m not […]

  • Transportation in The French Quarter

    Speeding through The French Quarter at night… or, so it seems. Royal Street is like most of the other streets in The Quarter. Old. Narrow. Badly paved. When the paving really falls apart, it’s patched. Not very well. Because of that, nobody is going to speed through any street in The Quarter at any time. […]

  • A Change Came

    This looks like a simple image of a tree in a little early morning fog. It means a lot more than that to me. Trees are a symbol of rebirth across many cultures. They are symbols of life, itself. And, they sometimes relate to immortality and fertility. This particular tree represents a huge change that […]