Ghost Town

I showed this picture another similar one to a friend of mine who plays in the gallery world. He said these pictures are worth a lot in that world. I suppose, but I really don’t see it. I made these pictures because they were there to be made. Eventually, these pictures will become parts ofContinue reading “Ghost Town”

The Dream

S ometimes the pictures are better along the way rather than at the event I was going to. I was going to photograph Krewe du Vieux which is one of the earliest parades of Carnival. The parade was as I expected, too crowded and nowhere to do work arounds. Oh yeah, with the exception ofContinue reading “The Dream”

Into the Quarter

Yesterday was rough. Today is better. Much better. I thought that I would post a picture from a couple of Mardi Gras ago when I was walking to photograph Krewe du Vieux from the French Quarter side, rather than down in The Bywater where it begins. I’m pretty sure that this was the best pictureContinue reading “Into the Quarter”

Chinese Food

Chinese food. In Central City. Once. A long time ago. Once it was a corner food store. Now, it’s just one of many abandoned buildings. I’m not sure of the condition. From the outside it looks like it’s falling down. Once you are inside, well you never know. It could be functional. This picture isContinue reading “Chinese Food”

Fresh Meat

I’ve been to this place. I’ve explored it inside and out. You’ve seen it. A couple of times. This is the building that’s collapsing on itself. Some of the second story is laying on the first floor. Every now and then while I’m passing by, I look at it again. The lowish sunlight intrigued me, so IContinue reading “Fresh Meat”

The Return

I went back. I found a way inside. That wasn’t so hard. The side door was open. I walked in. It’s a little weird entering a big building. You never know who or what is lurking inside. I generally creep around quietly. But, I’d rather have a little backup. Although, I’m not exactly sure what goodContinue reading “The Return”

Another Lifetime

If it seems like I’m coming and going, that’s because I am. I made this picture leaving yesterday’s second line and on my way to some place else. I’ll show you a few more second line pictures as the week passes. I’ve actually been inside this place. When it was alive. When they owners actually soldContinue reading “Another Lifetime”

Falling Down

For those of you who have been around for a while, you might recognize this place. It’s falling down at a very rapid pace. If you look between the two windows, you’ll see a giant rusted metal sheet. I think it covers a window. There used to be a painted of Our Lady of Guadalupe attachedContinue reading “Falling Down”