One Time For Dinner

It’s pronounced Fuh. It’s Vietnamese soup that is spelled Pho. It’s a meal in itself. The vegetables don’t vary. You can add more if you want. The meat can be various cuts of beef, pork or chicken. The broth is tasty, you can add heat if you’re like us. And, a squirt of lime. And,Continue reading “One Time For Dinner”

What Remains

We listen to a lot of podcasts. Today, we listened to an interview by Kara Swisher who was discussing the legacy of Steve Jobs. Sure, we all know him as the passionate visionary who created technology that we didn’t know we needed until we did. Most of us don’t know his spiritual side which didContinue reading “What Remains”

About Food Let’s talk about food. With inflation we, in The United States, are either paying much more than we have in the past or we aren’t buying as much. That works a little bit, but how do you tell a child that their favorite cereal is too expensive? The war in Ukraine is causingContinue reading

Green Food

T his is one time that I’m not going to discuss what you are seeing. I’ll leave that to you. Let’s just say this. I almost converted this picture into black and white. After looking at it, I realized that I didn’t what I was looking at. I’ll add one more thing to get youContinue reading “Green Food”

Dancing To The Music

El Rancho de los Golondrinas harvest festival is one of the best in the nation. USA Today says the they are number two. I don’t know if that matters, but it sure is a lot of fun. You can eat, make food products like cider and watch the entertainment. Going there made a good dayContinue reading “Dancing To The Music”

Frozen Again

  Summer. Now, I’m seeing pictures everywhere. The ten best pictures of summer project is coming along nicely. Much to my surprise, so is the dumpster project. My book projects are in the phase of, “are we there yet?” We were doing a little grocery shopping when I turned down the aisle in the frozenContinue reading “Frozen Again”

Blue Art

New work. Imagine that. Just when I said. Oh, never mind what I said. I never really know what I’m talking about. Coffee comes from Amazon. In pods. For a Nespresso machine. However, none of our coffee comes from Nespresso. It is very expensive and I don’t like the parent company’s — Nestle — standContinue reading “Blue Art”

Round Things

A very interesting thing happens when I complain loudly on Storyteller. WordPress changes their ways. A few of you tried to help out. I really appreciate that. Way more than you know. The solutions that you offered didn’t work out because under the basic formatting, looks a little different from your formatting. Mine costsContinue reading “Round Things”

I Got Free

Finally. I got loose. They can’t catch me. I headed straight to Chinatown. In San Francisco. I took pictures. I ate. I took some more pictures. I ate again. In a moment of kindness I bought a lot of take away food for the others. Not that they deserved it. Sheesh. The pictures. I tookContinue reading “I Got Free”