There Is No Soul Behind it

There has been a pretty spirited discussion across multiple socials about AI and photography. The question is simple enough. Is AI photography? Most of the photographers who responded said, “no.” Many photographer’s comments showed that they had no idea what the hell they are talking about, That’s the same problem most of the world hasContinue reading “There Is No Soul Behind it”


T his image is about fall. Yes, I know fall came to an end a couple of months ago. But, I finally got around to working on this picture. It’s another one of my layering experiments. This one was much easier to do than yesterday mostly because I used the basic template that I builtContinue reading “Cantaloup”

Last Chance

L ast Chance Texaco. Not, this is your last chance. Last Chance Texaco is song by Ricki Lee Jones. She also wrote a book by the same name, which is an autobiography. We are listening to it. We are big on podcasts, so why not listen to books when we are doing something semi-mindless? SoContinue reading “Last Chance”

So Much

T here’s so much. Too much. Everywhere. All over the place. I’m starting to understand the problem. I’m beginning to understand what the internet’s democratization did. It opened the doors to everyone. That’s not a bad thing. Everyone deserves a chance. It clogged up all of the artistic pathways to the the people wanting toContinue reading “So Much”


T his almost didn’t happen. I had so many problems rebooting and reinstalling software that I was about to give up. For instance, OnOne took just one hour and fifteen minutes to load. I have no idea why. Most everything else loaded in a reasonable amount of time. But, there was a lot of it.Continue reading “Sunlight”

Breath of Light

N ovember 1. My birth month. I suppose that I should start celebrating now. That means I’m a Scorpio. You know how we can be. Vain. Well dressed. Likable. Able to strike at a moments notice. The list goes on forever. In Chinese mythology I’m a snake person. What a combination. These days I’ve tamedContinue reading “Breath of Light”

All You Need To Know

A friend of mine used to travel from Michigan to Vermont to photograph fall colors. Now he travels from Florida where he retired. That seems like an awfully long way to chase color. Me? I’m lazy. I walk out of my door and take pictures of fall color. Or, I could. We lost a lotContinue reading “All You Need To Know”

Into The Red

F inally. The big machine starts. I came to realize that I couldn’t type in my password because the magic keyboard couldn’t type anything. I’m not sure if it gave up the ghost or there is a bluetooth setting that is turned off. After poking around endlessly on various computer repair suggestion pages I foundContinue reading “Into The Red”


T his is the kind of place that we saw on our drive to Natchez. That’s Mississippi, in case you were unclear on it. Stopping at little places like this were one of the reasons the drive too so long. This place was closed. The drive would have taken longer if it had been openContinue reading “Boxes”