The Picture

The city that care forgot. That’s us. New Orleans. Even as some areas are gentrified and priced out of the locals ability to buy or rent, others still languish almost 16 years after they were flooded by Hurricane Katrina. It’s likely that many of these neighborhoods were failing long before the storm did its thingContinue reading “The Picture”

Sometimes Time Bends

Time bends around this time of year. It always does. My memory brings events to the forefront. Things I had safely tucked away. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Social media is full of pictures of other people’s moms. I probably will post one as well. It’s a signature picture. Yesterday I railed (see what I didContinue reading “Sometimes Time Bends”


Another day. Another walk. Truth be told, these pictures are a couple of weeks old. I processed them. I tinkered with them. And, immediately forgot about them. I don’t know why. Sometimes, I get lucky. I make three or four pictures on one walk. I choose the one or two that I liked best atContinue reading “Walking”

The Long Game

Still waiting. The city is under curfew starting at 7pm tonight. The state’s curfew is 8pm.  Some areas outside of the levee system have been evacuated. Hurricane Nate will make landfall at sometime near 1am and be gone well before 7am. We are only expecting 1 to 4 inches of rain. Now, the city officialContinue reading “The Long Game”


Very strange. I was passing by this place on the way to some place else. The building was pretty much abandoned after the storm. Somebody decided to rebuild it. Then it caught fire and burned to the ground leaving only the sub flooring, the fire-place and the chimney. Okay. Not exactly to the ground. I’mContinue reading “Found”