I Said What I Said

I started out trying to post an entirely different picture. WordPress had other ideas. I pressed the upload button and the little wheel started turning and turning… until the computer could do no more and crashed. Twice. I rebooted twice. I gave up. I rebooted again. When this happens it usually means WordPress is doingContinue reading “I Said What I Said”

When Dogs Run Free

E veryone gets a Mardi Gras parade. Even dogs. Out of town guests don’t believe me when I tell them about Krewe of Barkus. They think that I’m joking. Do these pictures look like I’m joking? The dogs and their people meet up in Armstrong Park. Any dog can join in, but to actually beContinue reading “When Dogs Run Free”

It’s All Good

Dusk is one of my favorite working hours. The blues are powerful yet quiet. Other colors just seem to pop in the sky. Whatever light left in the sky glows. It’s nature at her best. It’s a time in the day when the worries and stress of the daylight hours seem to melt away. InContinue reading “It’s All Good”

Going Too Far

Did I? Or, didn’t I? Go too far. This image started out as one of my night time blue sky pictures. I thought the foreground subject matter was a little boring, so I set out to change that.  After adding and subtracting for a little while, I almost gave up. Then. I started piling upContinue reading “Going Too Far”

The View

Always turn around. That’s what I say. I say this about photographing anything. If you are taking pictures of a wonderful sunset. Take a second. Turn around. If that sunset is all red, orange and yellow, that beautiful light is falling somewhere. Illuminating something. Take a picture of that. You might be pleasantly surprised. SoContinue reading “The View”

Rain. No Second Line.

No second line today. It rained. A lot. Sort of a semi-tropical storm that built up in the Gulf. Normally, most second lines will run regardless of the weather. Not today.  The leaders had the time to make a decision. Today, I learned something about why second lines walk in bad storms. Or, walk when nobody showsContinue reading “Rain. No Second Line.”

Promise Keeping

I try to keep my promises. Life is too short for unkept promises. Sheesh. Maybe life is to short for promises at all. You asked for more Mardi Gras pictures, so I said that I would do sort of a wrap up of Mardi Gras 2014. I decided to give myself a month to doContinue reading “Promise Keeping”

Starting Young

I said it before. It’s a culture. You may be born into a neighborhood. But, you are trained from an early age to walk in the parades. You learn how to be. You learn how to dress. You learn that traditions and rituals. And, you walk. You walk fast. You have to keep up withContinue reading “Starting Young”