A Long Time Ago

O nce upon a time I lived in Los Angeles. My habit of wandering around began years before, but it was revived when I lived there, this time in color. I was looking around on Sunday near what was then called, “The Blue Whale,” when I saw it. A 1930s gas station. It was stillContinue reading “A Long Time Ago”

Ain’t Done Yet

T his was once good business. Along came Hurricane Katrina who changed everything with her floodwaters the poured through broken federal levees. A lot of businesses were destroyed or closed. Smith Tire seemed to linger. Whenever I passed by, it seemed to be closed. Or, was it ever open? I have no idea. I’ve heard,Continue reading “Ain’t Done Yet”

Desert Scene

Way out there. Somewhere. I don’t even remember exactly where this place is located. It’s in the desert. In Arizona. I’m betting it is somewhere near I-40. The original picture was made a long time ago. On black and white film. Apparently, I didn’t think much of it because the scan needed a lot ofContinue reading “Desert Scene”

Getting Gas or Something Like That

Sunday was a very good day. The second of three Super Sundays was getting ready to roll. Downtown this time, starting at Bayou St. John and heading into the 7th Ward along Broad Street. As usual, I arrived a little early in order to wander around and get the lay of the land. And also,Continue reading “Getting Gas or Something Like That”

422 (Slight Return)

I walked around to the back door. I found a tire used as a back door on 422. You remember, the abandoned gas station located on Washington Street, in Central City, New Orleans. The one whose front looks like Christmas. All red and green. With old tires stacked in front. Tires seem to be aContinue reading “422 (Slight Return)”


422. That’s what the address looks like in this picture. If you tried to find it on Google Maps  you’d be way off. Because. The address is really 3442 Washington Avenue. I had a real problem determining that because the building sits diagonally on the corner of Washington Avenue and Galvez Street. Which street getsContinue reading “422”

Neighborhood Art

Even though I wasn’t exactly moving well when I photographed the second line parade in Central City, I decided to drive around and have a look at the progress that the neighborhood was making. Central City was in bad shape before the storm. It got worse immediately afterward. Now? There’s a lot of good progressContinue reading “Neighborhood Art”


Well. I started out in one direction, had to deal with some little nastiness and decided to change directions. After all, they say all art is autobiographical.  I suppose a few hours ago, I was feeling more this way than some other way.  I’ll show you the other version in a day or two. IContinue reading “Changes.”

Where It Was

I thought that I should show you the place were I made yesterday’s sink picture. Here it is. It may have been the only gas station in Central City.  At least in the heart of the area. There are plenty along the northern border, but nothing as you get into the place, itself. I haveContinue reading “Where It Was”