Summer Night Sticks To My Skin

After yesterday’s rant I calmed down. I brought my thoughts back to what really matters. Reflection and review brought me to a quiet place. We all need a quiet place. Especially now, when external forces are attacking us from everywhere. As Bob Dylan once wrote, “You won’t get out of here unscathed.” And, they won’t.Continue reading “Summer Night Sticks To My Skin”

I Find Things

Looking around. Looking for subjects for my various projects — abandoned railroads, abandoned furniture, and unique examples of water — leads me to other places and things. Like this one. This is a gated fence, probably for road workers, that has been broken wide open. By itself, it’s meaningless. In the context of what youContinue reading “I Find Things”

City Cousin

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of an old falling apart house that was located out a country road. A day or so ago, I ran into its city cousin so I decided to photograph it in much the same way. In the musical world, I guess they would call that covering myself.Continue reading “City Cousin”