Ghost Stuff

Ghost Stuff. I love it. You know that about me. But, I don’t usually show much of that work on Storyteller beyond falling apart places. For many people, that work is boring. By its very nature that’s all it can be. Sometimes it’s colorful. Mostly it’s not. But, it is about history, a subject thatContinue reading “Ghost Stuff”

Falling Down

So. I did what I usually do I’m feeling a little caged and went looking for New Orleans decaying away. I’ve been meaning to photograph this building which is in Uptown and very near to the cobblestone street where I’ve made so many pictures. In fact, I see it every time that I drive upContinue reading “Falling Down”

Mystery Solved. Sort Of.

This post is as much about the story as it is about the picture.  First. You have to understand that the ground on which I’m standing is the roof. It collapsed. That’s weird enough in itself. Then, there’s the mystery. For most of us in New Orleans, there is a St. Charles Avenue. All theContinue reading “Mystery Solved. Sort Of.”

Old And In The Way.

First. In the interest of transparency, that title is an old song title, written by Hazel Dickens and popularized by the late Jerry Garcia. That’s a digression. I’m trying to think… I’ve been working on a project in the Central City of New Orleans. It’s taking a lot of my free time. At one pointContinue reading “Old And In The Way.”

Those Were The Days. Or Not.

I saw this on my walk through The Quarter. I had to photograph it. I make no cultural comments. Angelo Brocato is long longer in The French Quarter. They are located on Carrollton near Canal Street. They are New Orleans beloved Italian sweet shop. Ice cream that is the best. Often, we eat dinner atContinue reading “Those Were The Days. Or Not.”