Tag: Globes

  • Accidentally Late Night

    This is an accidental artwork. But, I love it. It’s another “found” picture, but this time it was lost intentionally. I didn’t really see the potential because it was so “grainy.” Once I opened it and looked at it again I realized that it was worthy of… something. Something means to me that it could […]

  • Before Time

    Almost pure art. That’s what this picture evolved into from almost nothing. I started with a picture of magenta flowers on a blue handicapped parking sign. I went sort of crazy. I kept going until I arrived at this picture. I have no idea what it means. I seem to be stuck in space, so […]

  • The Watcher

    This one. This is the picture I mentioned in yesterday’s Storyteller. The Christmas wish of “peace y’all” has been around for as long as I can remember. Except for some slight rewiring, the lights never change. This picture is probably four or five years old. But, I could wander down to Royal Street today and […]

  • Nothing But Light

    Normally, I experiment on Sunday. Close enough. I made the picture on Sunday. It is sort of experimental. I actually made the picture as we were getting ready to leave after making a bazillion sunset pictures and no super moon picture. I always get sort of turned around when I am looking for the Algiers […]

  • Gimme a Little Prayer

    I sort of got tired of paradise one day when I was in Hawaii and started wandering around Honolulu looking for some more urban stuff, which is what I like to photograph. I found this little Buddhist /Taoist temple so I went inside and made a few pictures. I believe that my best work gets […]