Round and Round

I was walking by a pool. Things were floating around. Sort of peacefully. Circles protecting floating leaves. It felt good. So I pictured it. Then I developed it. I post produced it. I cropped it. And, this final picture appeared. It suits me for today. Only two more days. Back to it. About yesterday’s post.Continue reading “Round and Round”

Cloud Play

I talk like it’s spring. With colder temperatures and big rain storms mother nature reminds me that we are still officially in winter months. That’s a good thing. Because. Low winter light makes pictures like this possible as it bounces through the remaining clouds of a fleeting storm. Yeah, I enhanced it a little bit.Continue reading “Cloud Play”

Driving and Crying

No, not me. I’m not crying. I was having a good time. The sky is crying. Oooooh. Two song titles before the first paragraph. This is more-or-less what it’s like to be me when I go out looking for pictures. Or, better yet when I go out looking for pictures with intent. In these twoContinue reading “Driving and Crying”