Tag: Golden

  • Yellow in the Distance

    Yet, another tree. I seem to be on a roll with trees these days. I guess it’s the the low winter light that I like. It’s like magic to me. I see it and I respond. It’s woken me up. I’ve been making one or two fairly good pictures a day. I have no idea […]

  • They Might Be Lost

    L et’s start with this. Thank you to the couple of you who reached out after yesterday’s post. And, even a bigger thank you to those who didn’t. Here’s the thing. I come from the school of thought that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different […]

  • Autumn has the Purple Sock Blues…

    F irst, the title. It’s a children’s song about autumn. It’s just weird enough for me to like it. The music is fun too. The picture is quintessential fall. All those golden colors contrasted against the evergreen leaves. That always makes my day. I hope this picture makes yours.

  • Fork In The Road

    F inally. A leaf that looks like fall, or at least, that it fell. Sometimes around this place you have to be patient. That’s hard for me. I want it now even though I talk about letting the picture take you. Or, I say to stand in front of better stuff. What if there isn’t […]

  • Down River

    W hat a nice warm fall day we had. I’m ready for the heat of summer to go away, but I’m not ready for the cold of winter to arrive. The light has been especially pretty. I did miss the sunset of sunsets on Saturday evening, but this is the time of year when one […]

  • The Other Side Of Midnight

    W ell, maybe. I’m referring to the title. After I made yesterday’s picture I got excited and went back out to see what I could see. I saw the picture you are seeing. Unfortunately, I mostly made vertical images. When I finally saw the totality of the photograph I realized a radical crop was in […]

  • Beautiful World

    W alking around yesterday for the first time in a long time revealed a very pretty sky framed by a few nice Live Oaks. I chose a time somewhat close to dusk because, well you know, the light s usually pretty olden, If not that, then the light very golden. In the picture the light […]

  • Laughing

    The things that make us who we are. All of those things. How we were raised. What we did when we were young. The things we did later. All of our actions and deeds. That’s who we are. Although I did many things, music was my greatest influencer. Deja Vu was re-released yesterday. That’s right, […]

  • Day Breaks

    The thing about going to bed early means that I awake too early. I mostly sleep around six hours a night. You can do the math. If I go to bed around 11 pm, well, you know. It’s a little maddening. It means that I haven’t gotten quite enough sleep. It also means that I […]