Tag: Gothic

  • Testing. One, Two, Three…

    There was yet another big discussion about producing pictures using artificial intelligence V using some kind of camera. It took place in a photographer’s group so you can guess which way the majority of the posters went. Morality aside and as long as you are clear which kind of tools you used who cares what […]

  • Dark Night

    Another night in The French Quarter. This is what happens when you break the rules. You know. Don’t shoot into the light. Keep the light behind you. Use a flash at night. Why? Why? Why? Yeah. You’ll get a picture. It’ll likely be boring. If you take a chance something good might happen. Sort of […]

  • Haunted

    This picture sort of fits into the more general theme of “the city that care forgot.” I’d thought about publishing a sort of drifty, wind-blown flower picture. But, I’m not ready for it yet. Maybe Sunday, since it’s a nice gentle image. For now, I’ll go with this gothic church. It’s located Uptown, but I’ll […]

  • It’s Starts Around Now

    New Orleans. Masking. Add those two together and you just have to know that Halloween is a big day for us. Generally, decorating starts early in the month. Then, it keeps rolling along until it hits the peak. It’s everywhere. In The French Quarter. Uptown. The Garden District. The Bywater. The Marigny. Everywhere. And, then […]