On Sunday

Red Walls, Green Plants and Blue Graffiti A Sunday picture, I think. Sunday pictures used to be grand experiments. I thought about returning to that but realized that I experiment all week so what would be the point? Instead, I decided to make a very high color image that jumped off the page from 25Continue reading “On Sunday”

Another Day

S omething a little different to start the work week. I thought I hadn’t posted a little portfolio in long time so I decided today was the day. Generally, my New Orleans pictures are fairly recognizable. Not these. I’ve published some of the images that you are looking at in the very distant past butContinue reading “Another Day”

Really Torn and Frayed

When I saw this scene, I first saw the red graffiti. Next, I saw the couch. Finally, the wall. What I was seeing just seemed to click into my brain. Red. White. Blue. What a weird visual statement. But, it was real. Once I started working on the picture in post production, I saw somethingContinue reading “Really Torn and Frayed”