Tag: Graphic

  • Paradise Missing

    Once, I had an assignment on Hawaii. Paradise gained. I had to be all over Oahu. Paradise explored. One morning I was driving almost straight through the island when I looked over my shoulder. I stopped and made a few pictures. Paradise photographed. A different kind of Paradise. In the deep middle ground. there are […]

  • The Shape Of Things

    E xperiments are something that helps me to create art. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail. That’s okay. That’s how I learn. Instead of thinking the project was useless, I’ve learned over time that there are no useless days, nor are there useless projects. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to publish my […]

  • Weird Divide

    Graphic. Green. Growth. It seems we are heady this way. Even though the temperature has been fairly cold for us. Our low yesterday morning was 41 degrees. I have friends in Tampa, Idaho. Snow country. The low there yesterday morning was 42 degrees. Inverted. That’s the thing. We have such a long list of things […]

  • The Memory Of Trees

    We walk around. We see things. We see transformation. We see change. We saw what nature tells us. That clocks can’t tell us. In the pandemic era time meanders. We act normal. As hard as we try we can’t be normal. Not no. Maybe not ever. That is a good thing. To be normal in […]

  • Encore

    The greatest story ever told. Maybe not the greatest, but very close. I’ve been looking for more upbeat thoughts. I heard one yesterday. A friend of mine said that his wife had stage four cancer. Note that word. Had. Usually at that point it’s all over but the funeral. Not this time. Somehow she was […]

  • I Can See It In Your Eyes

    This is a pretty good way to start the work week. Don’tcha think? I’m pretty sure that if we start out on a positive note, the negative curve will flatten. Even a little helps. It’s important because a lot of people are really starting to feel it. Depression is in the air. That’s a pretty […]

  • The Blues

    It’s a blue sort of day. The weather is frightful. It’s raining outside. Jazz music is playing inside. They say that we are going to get wet. Very wet today. Rain all day. Into the night. The late night. Some plans went out the window. I gave some serious thought to photographing one of two […]

  • Shapes

    Shapes. In nature. I could try to make the same ones. I wouldn’t come close. It’s best that I just make photographs of what I see. And, show them to you. This is a walking picture. With the dog who sees things. The light was wonderful. Strong and low, with deep shadows. I stopped and […]

  • Summer Palace

    Once upon a time. I spent a lot of time traveling in Asia. I live for a year in Shanghai, China. Between my comings and goings, I spent six years in Hong Kong. Long enough for me to have resident visa. I worked on a lot of big projects. Often, one project would take two […]