The Summer Wind

A nother weird week. It seems like death is following us around no matter what we do. I suppose that’s the way it is going to be until we manage the virus and people are able to think again. I have no idea what killed Charlie Watts. But, it may illustrate something that I’ve longContinue reading “The Summer Wind”

Like Asian Art

Like Asian art. Gentle. Calming. Relaxing. When I saw it, I knew. This was not about the original file. It was about what could be done with it. It was about my vision. My intent after I brought the image home. To be clear, it wasn’t about heavy post production. It was about doing justContinue reading “Like Asian Art”


Now that I’ve been seeing things again… I see everything. Little things. Tiny things. Details of huge things. This little weed — at least that’s what’s it’s called by people who manicure their lawns — is smaller than a U.S. dime. That’s our ten-cent piece to those of you who don’t speak in American English.Continue reading “Smallness”

Not Quite So Broken

I made this picture in Holy Cross. That’s in roughly the same place as yesterday’s picture. But, this one is a little more whimsical and colorful. I especially like the car. It came from California. Of course it did. If you look on the porch of the pink house — Oh wait. Excuse me. TheContinue reading “Not Quite So Broken”


After the latest storm finally left the area I got out on the streets and started looking for — well, whatever. In Orleans Parish, there was plenty of what I would call non-picture making storm damage. You know. Trees up rooted and broken, downed power lines, torn up signs, bits of damage to houses. ThatContinue reading “After”