The Summer Storm

The sky turned really dark. Even the dog who shows me stuff didn’t want to be out. She did her “business” and headed for home. She’s no fool. She doesn’t like water falling on her from above. For most of us, this is nothing unusual. Summer rain. It blows in from the Gulf of Mexico.Continue reading “The Summer Storm”

Brand New

New Blooms. Wait. What? It’s winter down here. Just like it is throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Our winter is fairly mild. We get a few sub freezing days. Not that many. We’ve had a long streak of cold fronts and gradual warming for the last month or so. Normal for us. In a few weeks,Continue reading “Brand New”

Gulf Coast

Sometimes it’s hard living in the Gulf Coast. Hot weather, humidity, extreme storms and hurricanes plague us. When the cool air of autumn finally arrives tomorrow, we will feel like we have made it through the desert into the promised land. A huge hurricane should be making landfall as you read this. We, in NewContinue reading “Gulf Coast”

Big Storm Comin’

Hurricane Florence. I’m not sure what I can add to everything you’ve likely read or watched. Unless you are actually there, or  hunkered down waiting to help as first responders, there’s not much more you can do. You can have a good thought. You can pray, You can donate to one fund or another whichContinue reading “Big Storm Comin’”

It Starts Somewhere

It’s the season. We talk about summer, summer, more summer and another summer. That’s how it is down here. But, there are phases. We are entering the wet season. The rainy season. Hurricane season. The time when we watch each storm as it forms off the coast of Africa.  Many of those storms don’t amountContinue reading “It Starts Somewhere”

Clouds Two Ways

A few clouds as dusk comes. It’s sort of a gulf coast thing. But, no rain. Just a little wind. And, some theatrical color making for some good photographs. I’d call this photographer’s luck. But, the clouds were dancing around all day. I just had to pick my moment. That’s a little lesson for today.Continue reading “Clouds Two Ways”

Sticks and Rocks

Rocks. Broken Wood. Sticks. New growth in the middle of all of that. The dog found it with her inquisitive nose. All I did was make the picture. And, frame it on the scene. And, further reframe it in post production, where I also made the image sparkling and glowing. Sometimes it’s easy to forget thatContinue reading “Sticks and Rocks”

Big Storms Comin’ Soon

Squalls out on the gulf stream. Big storm coming soon. Sure enough. I returned just in time for a big storm. A storm big enough to cancel today’s French Quarter Fest. That never happens. I can’t say I was excited about going. It’s grown so big that even my old trick of catching the streetContinue reading “Big Storms Comin’ Soon”

The Sky

I suppose that I should be used to it by now. Big blue skies. Big colorful thunderheads. And, late afternoon storms springing up from nowhere. But, I’m not. Even though I have the heart of a photojournalist, as I get older I’m more and more fascinated by nature. No, not the kind of nature youContinue reading “The Sky”