Journey Through The Past

I t started this way. This picture was made at the very beginning of my career. I worked for a chain of tiny newspapers in rural Southwest Virginia. We thought we were pretty good and most of the time we were. The two biggest photo subjects were sports and stand alone art. The former youContinue reading “Journey Through The Past”

A Good Friend

I t’s coming on Christmas. Joni Mitchell wrote that in a song called “The River.” It’s maybe one of my favorite two Christmas songs. The other is a new song called, “I Dream of Christmas.” Musical Miss wrote it. Even with my physical pain, which I finally bombed into submission with some heavy narcotics, IContinue reading “A Good Friend”

Common Thread

All you need to know is in the headline. I had an interesting day. It occurred to me just how common the threads that bind us together really are. We all seem to forget that. There has been an ongoing and emotional discussion in one of the photographers groups to which I belong. In manyContinue reading “Common Thread”

Marching Bands Backstage… Sort Of

Mardi Gras parades and brass bands just seem to fit together. Usually, there is an order to a parade. There are a group of power company trucks (just in case), a few police cars, some kind of noisy motorcade, the trooping of the flag, a brass band and a float. The bands and floats alternate.Continue reading “Marching Bands Backstage… Sort Of”

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I used to shoot a lot of sports. I did it first as a photojournalist and later in more commercial markets. Thinking back, the last bit of sports that I photographed was participatory — exercise that everyone can do — in a gym in New Orleans. Then, the storm came andContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”