I Said What I Said

I started out trying to post an entirely different picture. WordPress had other ideas. I pressed the upload button and the little wheel started turning and turning… until the computer could do no more and crashed. Twice. I rebooted twice. I gave up. I rebooted again. When this happens it usually means WordPress is doingContinue reading “I Said What I Said”

The Road, The Sky And Some Dirt

Sometimes I forget myself. I forget to post. I forget to work. I forget to keep in constant contact. I think I did it to myself by joining a couple of new picture sharing sources. I may have confused myself by making my posts more complicated than simple. We’ll see. When I lived in NewContinue reading “The Road, The Sky And Some Dirt”

The Desert

T his photograph got a lot of love on Instagram and even more on Facebook. That still doesn’t change my mind about social media these days. In fact, there is a big discussion on a photojournalist group of which I’m a part. It all comes down to money. Videos generate more income for Meta. OnceContinue reading “The Desert”

Last Chance Lost

T hey say that Mercury passed through its retrograde phase. Things should get and feel better. I’m don’t know what I think about astrology. There may be something to it. There might not. But, I’ll tell you this. I feel better today than I have in a long time. I seem to have passed throughContinue reading “Last Chance Lost”

Country Road

W owzer! WordPress fixed the things that they broke. I have captions and I don’t have to do a work around just to use columns and paragraphs. I have other stuff to say, but I’m excited. It’s the little things, you know? If it seems like I’m publishing a lot of road pictures, you’re right.Continue reading “Country Road”


T here are days and there are days. On the day that I made this picture I needed a little solitude. A group of photographers gathered in a coffee shop. I looked out the window and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the most wonderful pre-sunset in a long time. That’s saying something because NewContinue reading “Solitude”

Rhythm of the Blues

The changes started with the album, “Dirt and the Stars.” The entire thing hung me up, but the closing song of the same title got me digging around in my past, coming to a kind of reckoning. That’s not done yet. Then, we watched “Solos” on Amazon Prime. As I wrote to a friend ofContinue reading “Rhythm of the Blues”


There are many ways out of Albuquerque, but this is my favorite. If you are going on a road trip you can kind of say goodbye to the city as you leave. Even if you are not, you can pretend. This is what is left of Route 66 west of Albuquerque. Just a little overContinue reading “Tomorrow”

I’ll Be Gone

The picture a day project lead to a lot of day trips. It lead me to a place near Cerrilos, New Mexico. That’s where I found this Bel Air parked in a Trade Post lot. Normally, I’d go inside, talk to the folks who were there and buy something, usually water. Nobody was around, soContinue reading “I’ll Be Gone”