Hurricane recovery. It takes a long time. I have friends in Florida. In a number of cities. One, who is located near Fort Lauderdale started posting in Facebook, about an hour after Hurricane Irma cleared out. No Power. An hour later. No power. A couple of hours later. Still no power. This morning. The lightsContinue reading “After”

It Was There… Once

I used to see this place a lot. I was always headed some place else so I didn’t stop to make a picture. Then one day, I did. Then I stopped again. Twice in about a month. Good thing. I drove by about a week later and it was gone. There was a dirt patchContinue reading “It Was There… Once”

Deserted Cities

“Upon this street where time has died. The golden treat you never tried. In times of old, in days gone by. If I could catch your dancing eye. It was on the way, On the road to dreams, yeah. Now my heart’s drowned in no love streams, yeah. The street is cold, its trees are gone. The story’s told the dark hasContinue reading “Deserted Cities”

Walls and Light

I found the scene. Made the picture. I had to. The scene was sort of boring. Adding to it in post production helped it out some. It’s a weird little device I found buried in a layer building device. It’s really designed to add bokeh circles to night pictures. I thought that it made theContinue reading “Walls and Light”


Before I write anything more, a quick word of caution. If you are a Mac user, DO NOT download the latest their operating system called El Captain. It was bad from the original download. Now, two versions later, it’s worse. It’s slow. It doesn’t recognize other manufacturer’s software that I need to do my job,Continue reading “Ruins”

Hurricane Katrina Remembrance Day 2

Remembering Hurricane Katrina. Day Two. The more that I work on this project, the more the memories start to return. We left New Orleans on Sunday, August 28 2005. In the morning. We put all the things that we wanted to take with us in a pile on the floor. Cameras. Computers. Digital files. Legal documents. Financial and insuranceContinue reading “Hurricane Katrina Remembrance Day 2”

Hollygrove. Four.

It’s been a rough week around here. Aside from the horrible murders in Charleston, we lost three people who made a difference in New Orleans. Harold Baquet. Harold Battiste. Daryle Holloway. A photographer. A musician. A police officer. Cancer on Friday. Lengthy illness following a stroke on Friday. Killed in the line of duty on Saturday.Continue reading “Hollygrove. Four.”

Hollygrove Again

Back to work. Sometimes seeing these not-yet-repaired neighborhoods is a good thing. It’s a reminder. Sometimes, not so much. This set of pictures is one of the latter. It too, is a reminder. This place is still struggling. It’s an odd side of a neighborhood called Hollygrove. It’s about as far as you can go in upriverContinue reading “Hollygrove Again”


So. Whew. After yesterday’s huge post, I’m sort of back on track. I’d really like to finish these projects before I publish my next 2,000 blogs. I’m really not sure how I’ll do that… even before the end of the year. There really is so much to do. And, as some of you know, energy isContinue reading “Whew”