Tag: Holy Day

  • On This Holy Weekend

    An eerie silence has taken over, I can’t speak for every city, but I can for my home city. New Orleans. It’s quiet out there. For sure, people are walking, walking our dogs, making groceries, and running short to the point errands. That’s it. Take me, for example, I like to roam around in my […]

  • In a Small Way

    On Easter Sunday. A day about redemption. A day for reflection. For us, a quiet day. Right now the world is in terrible shape. Leaders want to be dictators. Leaders who lie. Small wars in many countries. Church burnings in my own home state. Church bombings today, Easter Sunday, that killed at least 220 people […]

  • Easter Flower

    Easter. Spring. Newness. Rebirth. What words can I add that matters? Only one thing. Happy Easter.

  • Good Friday

    Since today is Good Friday and tonight is the beginning of Passover, Mahavira Jayanti, Theravadin New Year and Hanumana Jayani, I thought that I should post something appropriate. I found this little place in the 4th Ward in Mid-City while I was looking for an old music club called The Black Diamond. I found the club. It is […]