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  • All A Dream

    Y’all know I write these little missives a day or two before I actually publish them. So even though you are reading this on Friday, let’s pretend it’s Tuesday. It’s important. When I first started traveling to Asia and especially to Hong Kong, which became my home for six years, I flew exclusively on one […]

  • Missing Something

    It took some time. Six years to be precise. Six years of wandering around when I was free enough to focus on making some meaningful pictures. Focus. Pun intended. This work was made long enough ago that it is all made on film. My film of preference, Fuji. Velvia. ISO 50, which we mostly used […]

  • Something. Anything.

    Most people get excited about the change of the year. Things are going to change. Things will get better. They say that. That’s what they say. Today is Friday. The 13th. That’s pretty smooth. In New Orleans they are working on the 3/2 plan. Three people are murdered every two days. Even though the city […]

  • Other Work, Other Places

    One, two. The same picture two different ways. The top image looks close to the original that was made on slide film. The bottom picture is my reworked version. In the past I would never offer these pictures to a client. They wouldn’t understand and they would think I failed. Or, lost my mind. Probably […]

  • There was a Time

    Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong. I lived there. I worked there. I wandered around and made pictures there. This is one of them x three. This is yet another experiment in post production, in page design, in actually making the picture itself. I don’t know what I […]

  • Other Ways

    A doorway to… With no imagination it could be a doorway to the building. With just a little imagination it could be a doorway to the unique. With more imagination it could be the doorway to the universe. You pick. I like that latter. I saw a picture posted on some social media. It was […]

  • About Friday

    A s many of you know I schedule my posts in advance so I didn’t get to tell you what I think about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and the one the day before. Near as I can tell they like guns and don’t like women. Before I write much further please know that we are […]

  • Can I Borrow Some Time?

    W hen I was doing stuff in Hong Kong I used to pass by housing estates like these almost every day. Estate is not used in the way that we use it in the west. In Hong Kong that just means a huge block of apartments, or flats as they are called in the British […]