The Between Time

It started during the pandemic and was enhanced by Delta-x and Hurricane Ida. Memories. They’ve been floating around for days. It was bad enough when time was flexible. Now? Whew. And. Then. The anniversary of Warren Zevon’s passing arrived. You know. The guy who sang “Werewolves of London.” He was so much more than that.Continue reading “The Between Time”

Rain King

N o patience. That describes my attitude these days. I have almost no tolerance for technical issues and yet I know better. I understand that everything made by man eventually breaks. That’s why there are so many service people. Mechanics, technicians, plumbers, the Maytag repairman, even doctors are working because stuff breaks. Thinking about leavingContinue reading “Rain King”

Once Upon a Place

Yes. Once upon a place. I keep writing about my time in Hong Kong. And, how I filled my down time with walks. With making pictures. With exploring. I thought that I should show you a little of my work from that time. However. I’ve reworked this picture a couple of times. Over a coupleContinue reading “Once Upon a Place”

From Black & White

A most interesting thing. I made this picture a few years ago in Hong Kong. On black and white film. Likely Kodak Tri-X, but I was also experimenting with Fuji Neopan. Look at the picture. Look at the color. It’s pretty much in the right place. Celery is green. Peppers are red. Ginger is lightContinue reading “From Black & White”

Junk on the Wall

Long ago. And far away. I used to spend a lot of time in Hong Kong. Six years worth of time. When I wasn’t working, I was working. Uh, what? My day job was book production. Large press management. Anybody who knows anything about that industry knows there is an incredible amount of downtime. And, workContinue reading “Junk on the Wall”

In the Oldest Building

Another bit of reworking. Man Mo Temple. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong. Everybody takes this picture in some form. Mostly, I’ve seen it with many rows of incense coils. It’s a stock travel staple. I’ve probably shot the location 15 or 16 times. Nothing really changes. The temple was built in 1847. It’s reputed to beContinue reading “In the Oldest Building”

Doing It Another Way

I made this picture in Hong Kong. China. A couple of years ago. I tinkered with it during all of my down time. Mostly because to not do something photographic for a day drives me crazy. I doesn’t have to be the act of making a picture. It just has to be something photographic. TheContinue reading “Doing It Another Way”


So. I’ll keep going. This is a very early version of my digital experimentation. It’s from a time when I wanted to make a photograph look like something else entirely. Like a watercolor painting. I added some more stuff to it. And, there you have it. This is old enough that the original exposure wasContinue reading “Wonderland”

A Realization

Well, I’ll be… I wouldn’t have thought I would have gotten such a favorable response to this kind of tinkering around. It really hit me when an old friend of mine said this is where he hoped to go with his new-found love of photography. Hmmmm… I think I got to this place sort ofContinue reading “A Realization”